Power Pool Game

Power Pool - Because regular pool just isn't powerful enough for some

Majestic Orbs of Fun

If you’re a fan of the cue sports, or whether you simply enjoy wasting a bit of time in an entertaining fashion, then you’ve got a fair amount of variety on the internet to play with in terms of choosing a game to waste or fill your time with. You’ve got games with wide appeal such as football and some very narrow avenues of fun such as Chess games, but none are as instantly enjoyable and dare I say superior to Power Pool. A game from the developers at Ninjakiwi – the game bunch of genii that brought us the sickeningly popular Bloons Tower Defense series – Power Pool takes the sport on which it is based, shrinks down the table, and in the process concentrates the fun by an almost immeasurable amount. You won’t be going through the motions of a standard 8-ball tournament here, my friend: you’re going to be smashing balls with an array of properties about on a teeny-tiny table where there is simply no room for traditional pool rules. What there is room for, though, is fun. Lots of spherical, cue-based fun.

Putting the Pow in Power

Far from your traditional, run-of-the-mill pool game like Deluxe Pool (which it turns out isn’t all that deluxe as much as it is a standard game of pool played by the normal rules), Power Snooker is a somewhat of a separate game in itself that is more inspired by the pool format than based directly on it. You must use your cue to pot the balls into the pockets, but in this case there are only four pockets, and the table is nothing more than a relatively small square, making it quite a challenge to keep the white ball afloat in the sea of other-coloured balls. Points are scored for each ball that is potted, a life is lost for every white ball you pot, and there is also a multiplier bar on the side that fills up as you score points; get the bar to fill up completely, and you gain an extra life. The mouse controls the direction and power of your shot as well, so it’s pretty much raining simplicity upon you from the start.

Regulation Match Balls? I Think Not

Another noticeable departure from traditional pool is the format of the game since you must play different levels that contain varying arrangements of balls of different types. The types of ball you encounter have different properties, with some being explosive, others dividing themselves into 3 more balls, and even ones that shrink to a tiny size or eat up the other balls, giving you an inflated score that equates to all the balls that it has absorbed once it has been potted. You may be tempted to go for the hit and hope option, but don’t be so hasty to lose your cool, since it is very easy to pot the white on such a small table. The idea is to aim carefully and control your shots so that you don’t lose all your lives and have to start again, which is more of a challenge than it sounds.

More Power than Jack Bauer (Almost)

So how powerful is Power Pool? Well, it has the power to entertain, that’s for sure, and aesthetically, it is a rather polished specimen, which is unsurprising considering it is developed by the incredible NinjaKiwi. This isn’t a game for someone that wants a traditional game of match pool, but rather someone looking for some cue action that deviates a little from what can sometimes be the dreary normality of the sport.