Power Pool 2 Game

Power Pool 2 - A much needed sequel to the cue-driving, glory-striving original

Muscular Billiards

To those that dislike cue sports, get out now; aside from the fact that you are very much in the wrong part of the internet for the kind of flash-based entertainment devoid of cue action that you’re probably looking for, you’re also not welcome here because I don’t think I can trust the judgement of someone that enjoys say football over snooker, or even football in the first place. For the rest of you lovely Larrys and Lisas looking for a flash game that simulates the satisfying crack that only the forceful contact between two or more spheres made from synthetic resins can produce, may I use my words to gently nudge your attention in the direction of Power Pool 2, yet another hugely addictive NinjaKiwi spectacular that delivers improvements on the original and generally sucks you in for many more minutes of gameplay than you were originally planning to dedicate to it. Dotted with some new features and proud to display the greatness of some old ones as well, Power Pool 2 is probably one of the best adaptations of the sport you’re going to play in a long time.

Cue Action

You’re not going to find any conventional match play similar to Deluxe Pool here, but rather a set of points-based potting challenges that are played out in a distinctly pool-like fashion. The only opponent you play against is yourself, since the aim is to use the mouse to aim, draw back the cue, and pot as many balls as you can without potting the white, since doing so loses you one life or ‘ball’ as indicated in the top right hand corner. The game progresses in a level-like fashion where you will encounter balls of different properties in different arrangements on the table; these balls behave in different ways when struck, but the ultimate goal is simply to build up enough consecutive pots with them in order to achieve multiplier bonuses and eventually extra lives. It’s probably best to think of an arcade version of pool that has been dissected and reformed into faster-paced and more entertaining version of its previous self.

Ball Talk

This time around, you get to choose from a variety of table shapes just to stir things up a little. The square table will be familiar to players of the original, but the pentagon and cross-shaped tables are new additions that require slightly different levels of caution and consideration of your shots. Shot choice is particularly important when encountering the many different kinds of balls in the game, ranging from regular ones devoid of unique properties through to explosive, shrinking, expanding, and multiplying balls just to name a few. The fun of the game is utilising these special balls to score as many points as you can. You can now also choose to have an infinite number of white balls so that you can play through the game casually instead of having to worry about restarting once you lose all of your lives.

Join the Cue (I’ve got more where that came from)

This game is a particularly entertaining little gem, particularly if you’re a fan of pool but tend to become quickly tired of the tedium that can  arise as a result of playing match after match, with the next game being identical in format to the last, and the one after that to the previous, and so on. This sequel isn’t really that different to the original, but the additions are all in the right places and make the whole thing simply better, which is what a good sequel should do. It’s a great game for getting into trouble at the office or simply dipping into in your spare time.