Deluxe Pool Game

Deluxe Pool - Some fine cueing action that may be the only pool game you'll ever need

Cue is King

I’ve never really been hugely interested in most of the sports that one would traditionally refer to as ‘manly’ or ‘aggressive’, opting instead to enjoy the more calm, collected, and composed sports that don’t require running around with other men and either pretending to be hurt (football/soccer) or actually being injured (Rugby). The aggressive nature of these sports isn’t what puts me off, since I enjoy Rugby more than football, but it is instead the nature of the drunken and chaotic supporters like those of British football that seem to want to riot before, after and, even during breakfast and every other meal of the day. No, my friends, mindless dedication to a sporting team that leads you to violent conduct and idiotic chanting simply is not the way we do it around here in the depths of my brain. Cricket and Snooker are my games of choice, and on occasion, pool, though this Deluxe Pool game may very well shift the ratios heavily in the favour of this large-pocketed, small-tabled game of respectability and decorum that lets the thugs and majority of low-IQed hooligans get on with filling their empty lives with almost-sports and allows people that enjoy a truly challenging game to pick up a cue and use special awareness/calculation of angles to sink some fine pots.

Too Pool for School

It doesn’t take a genius or even a condescending buffoon like me to tell you that this game is all about playing pool. Well, it’s more than about it, this game is pool, and it’s not the worst that I’ve played by a long way. If you fancy engaging in a tutorial to learn the rules then by all means click on the tutorial button, otherwise, you’ve got 1-player and 2-player mode to keep you and a possible friend that you have sitting awkwardly next to you occupied for a good whack of minutes as you use your mouse to aim and shoot the balls into the pockets using the cueball. Balls must of course be potted in the correct numerical order for you to gain the most points. You’ve even got a bit of repeatedly-looping music of slightly funky nature that acts as a gentle backing track to your success (or failure) at the game; you can’t beat a bit of funky, synthesized bass to punctuate the sweet sound of a long pot.


The interface is much like any other standard pool game you’re likely to play, with the view being from a birds-eye perspective and the cue being controlled by the mouse. The angle of incidence and reflection is represented by straight lines, which helps with your potting a little bit, but it is still by no means a breeze. You can also control the spin and swerve of the shot by clicking and dragging the tiny spot on the representative cue ball at the top of the screen, with the power of your shot decided by how far you click and drag back your cue. That’s pretty much all there is to the game (what were you expecting, extreme prison-rules pool?).

A Cracking Game

Mini Clip Games Deluxe Pool isn’t going to be winning awards for originality any time soon, but it does offer up some solid and pretty much faultless pool action with all of the sound effects, decent graphics, and physics to go with it. It doesn’t really have the novelty that games like Real 3D Pool have, and it’s a shame there isn’t an AI-based opponent to play against, but I guess this game is telling you that if you don’t have any friends willing to play with you, then you’re in a very sad and sorry situation where you must play against yourself as you cry tiny tears of loneliness. These are sad times for friendship, but good times for pool simulating action.