8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Game

A freemium browser, Facebook and charged iOS app, 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is a great demonstration of how not to design a game around in app purchases. The actual pool playing is rudimentary, heavily restricted by currencies and crammed with more ‘spend money now’ gimmicks than a TV shopping channel.

Power Pool

Power Pool game

Snooker and pool usually conjure up an image of a quiet, respectable game that is played with composure and respect for the spectators, the opponents, and the condition of the table, but where’s the fun in that? Power Pool cranks up the fun dial to ‘frenzy’ and brings us a unique take on the game with a ‘pot everything in any way you can’ approach. Utilise balls with special properties to smash, explode, and hustle your way to the highest score you can manage.

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Power Pool 2

Power Pool 2 game

The pool with immeasurable power is back with some more mini-table, maxi-fun action involving potting streaks, balls with ridiculous properties, and an array of tables with varying numbers of pockets that are all hungry for you to feed them the white. Can you keep your composure and sink some screamers? I would hope so, since that’s what this game is all about.

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Deluxe Pool

Deluxe Pool game

Grab your cue and get your potting angles reset from all that snooker that you may have been playing, because this is Deluxe Pool, and you’re going to need some fine judgement of trajectories to conquer this excellent flash-based simulation of the sport.

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